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I hope you noticed my #1 at 450 cfm (Tiger)vs #2 at 460 cfm(CNC CV1). We have yet to see if #2 will beat #1 as it was just developed. If it Does it moves ahead, and if something beats the 1 and 2 it gets placed accordingly. potential vs results. No need to defend, instead help make a useful shopping list over on my post. as not everyone has the need for the top dog. Was a time you were looking for better heads and Im sure known airflow was a part of that consideration. I know VERY WELL there is more to it than that and started a seperate thread to avoid further hijacking this one. If you dont want to contribute useful factual info and only subjective so be it. Not knocking the Tiger head, but most Horsepower only, as a criteria, is subjective to who built it and the sum of the parts used. Can I buy today and have shipped the exact same combo you are using John L, and just bolt it on, buy your exact cam etc., and if I assemble dilligently, make the same or close HP? Can I pick them up Monday? New?

My Summary is advertised flow numbers, and if not important, than why do you advertise them?????. My Details list that will follow the summary on the same thread allows to show highest HP if its factual. I put Tigers on top because of it. Because we dont race flow bench or DYNO either. Again I'm trying to make a useful ranking. Not everyone needs or can use heads the caliber of the Tiger. I want to be as unbiased as possible with it. NOT TRYING to cheerlead for anyone either. I see NO reason we shouldnt have a head ranking as nice as our competitors, or better, and I would appreciate some help with it. (this site disappears occaisionally but heres the link and I think we can do much better. it still worked just as I linked to it, and it wouldnt hurt for you guys to know what your competition has )

If you want to help our hobby (and me) heres our link

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