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First I would like you all to see this link for ideas. (yes the site is back up as of today anyway)

I would like to base this on rated flow as that reflects the likely potential vs being subjective to who has tested more and whose valve job etc.. I think summary first list and details follow summary.
Head must be readily available anyone can buy and expect delivery in a week or two. CnC package ok but no one off customized to someones specific application. It is fine to note in details highest factual known hp number acheived to date but not speculated hp. Also ok to state that flow numbers beyond x have been acheived with additional work as long as you have factual numbers. Cost will be included and not ranked just info. Will also state costs of support pieces required and based on a start from scratch basis vs what you may already own.

BTW I dont have all info so please input as needed this is the worksheet


1)Race ready fully ported Tigers 450 cfm

2)The Race Shop CNC ported CV1 460 cfm

3)Tiger Race ready CNC chamber and bowl 422 cfm

4)As cast CV1 380 cfm

5) CNC wide port E head 370 cfm

6) KRE Highport basic prep 330 or 350 cfm depending on source of info

?)Max Ported KRE Hi port (cnc version available unknown)

7)Edelbrock non wide port fully ported 330-350 cfm (cnc version available ?)

8) Fully ported KRE D port 320-340 cfm (cnc available ?)

9) Edelbrock mild prepped 300-310 cfm

10) KRE Dport CNC by SD 290 cfm

11) Edelbrock out of box assembled pkg. 260-270 cfm(version dependant)

12) KRE D port as cast replacement.

?) Wenzler


1) Tiger Race ready fully ported 450 cfm. Intended for large cid race applications Dedicated Manifold suggested.
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