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Originally Posted by sprint250 View Post
SFI is still testing them so they can develop a standard for ballistic safety that all the manfacturers can build to.

It is a necessary evil.Think of all the down time that will be saved on track cleanups that hold an event up.
how many times have you sat there in the staging lanes waiting because of an oil down and then end up having to run in that lane even after the cleanup?
You don't want to have to run through another guy's oil and debris so why should you want them to , heaven forbid , run through yours.
Good brakes are mandatory now too.
Pro teams get fined big bucks for oildowns.A lot of track operators will now bill you for an oil down no matter what et or mph you run at.
At a national event where they have a very tight format and hundreds of cars to run it starts to make perfect sense.
Problem is we are not the only one's with the big oil downs. It is also the 13 sec honda/mazda spinning 10K rpm, a turbo, and 2 stages of "Nauss" backfiring through every shift until it finally lets go at the 660' mark. I have sat through more 10.0 slower delays then 9.99 and quicker.
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