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Thumbs up Rebuild them with new O-rings!!!

I did just that,my dad had this Craftsman Jack 2 1/2 Ton Jack for 15 years,one day I asked him why did not use it any more,it wont go up?So he gave it to me and I got online and googled hydralic Jack parts.Bingo,found a company in Kentucky that there slogan was"dont throw that old jack or pump away,we can fix it" So after a few days of getting time and the correct tools to unscrew the jacks pump mechanism,sure enough there it was the O-ring was rotted and broken off,He asked for the exact measurements in mm fo I took my digital calipers and did just that called him back and ordered two,just in case in another 15 years I need to replace it again,
I have a one of those "Racing Jacks" to,from "BIG RED" = TORIN JACKS, I bought it at a flea market and for 30 dolllars walked away with it in the box,after further inspection,the had the wrong handle in it,did not work at all,so again I called and worked my magic and the with in 2 weeks had a complete new pump sitting at my door step for free.The only thing that bugs me about all these RACING JACKS is that they are so hard to push down on when your actually jacking a car up with one?That is my only complant against the whole racing jack community thing ...FYI
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No need to "rebuild". All you need to do is disassemble the machanism that rotates with the handle. Inside will be one or two O-rings. Replace these with quality O-rings and flush out the fluid. Done.

Have performed this on two floor jacks and a bottle jack. But still, new used or rebuilt I will never get under a car with only a floor jack.
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