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Originally Posted by turbo69BIRD View Post
I would like to get an Idea of just how many people are reading these forced induction threads.

If you have read, or are reading these threads for information,
Please make a single post in this thread.

I get so many emails there must be a ton of people not posting but reading.
Thats totally cool but I am wondering just how many LURKERS We have LOL.
Hey turbo69BIRD. I am new here. Can't say enough about the 'quality' information that I have read in such a short period of time. I have been out of the game for a long time. For now, my project is relatively mild. ('72 Ventura) When I get the Cage, Suspension, etc., all done, I am SERIOUSLY considering a Turbo or possibly a Twin Turbo set up. I completely understand how an Engine works, know how to build it and build it to last.............I am far from an Engine expert.
With that said, my knowledge of Turbos is VERY limited. My actual idea is to mount the Turbo/Turbos underneath the Car around the Carrier. I do understand that you will lose some efficiency mounting it that far from the Engine, but, have also read that it has it's advantages as well. I would DEFINITELY need some guidance from you guys 'in the know' to set up a Turbo system.
Major issues on designing and installing a Turbo system. 1- My knowledge on Turbos is very limited. 2- I can't weld for shit! 3- Seems that all of you guys that are running Turbos are 'Damned Yankees'.... Be hard to get any real 'hands on' help, unless I have missed someone that may be relatively close to the Huntsville Alabama area.
Now, if you guys that know how to design, set-up, and build a system that will work and work properly, I am in. Fair warning, I am going to bug the piss out of ya, can't help myself, I am a Perfectionist and won't accept anything that isn't dead nuts on!
Let me know if any of you guys that have the tried and true set-ups are up to the task of taking a baby by the hand, leading him in the right direction and have the time to help a fellow Pontiac guy do a Turbo set up.

Be cool.
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