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Default Plain And Simple

The Federal government of the USA has been turning a blind eye on the ILLEGAL immigration problem for well over 40 years now. The results are a huge drain on the social services of the states that deliberately coddle the illegal immigrants and their sympathizers.
Because the politicians on both sides of the aisle from local all the way up to the federal level have been taking kickbacks from their business buddies.They apply presidential pressure on the INS/Customs/Border Patrol to make it look good but not enforce the law too hard so that the stream of cheap ILLEGAL labor from Mexico and Central America will keep coming across the border so that certain businesses , local government agencies, and even private citizens can make use of this cheap ILLEAGAL labor pool.

Businesses are using ILLEGALS in the manufacturing of finished goods,building trades jobs of all types , landscaping businesses commercial and residential , fast food restaurants,refuse removal,janitorial/maid services for hotels and motels ,kitchen help,catering services, courier services...... the list goes on and on.

Municipal governments in the Northeastern states pay " labor contracors" for manpower to do snow removal and other tasks while they hand out money to people (the majority of them citizens) on welfare for doing absolutely nothing .Much of the labor contracted for this work is performed by"UNDOCUMENTED" workers AKA: ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Rich citizens or people pretending to be rich, hire undocumented workers to run their households , watch their children and take care of their home projects for them.
THESE CITIZENS ARE SOME OF THE WORST VIOLATORS because they do not carry these workers on any kind of recorded /taxed payroll , do not pay into workman's comp , do not pay into social security benefits and do not carry enough insurance if their hired help were to be injured on the job.
Then the crab about the state of affairs the country is in.

Now their good buddy politicians want to hand out free citizenship and services to cement their power base in the Southwest and large metropolitan areas.
They want to re- gerrymander the congressional districts too.

If you actually live in a Southwestern border state you can appreciate the frustration in Arizona that led to the CITIZENS of that state voting on and passing the law that they did.
California, Texas &New Mexico state budgets are strained and ready to bust.
The border communities have watched the problem go crazy.Armed hit squads from narco terrorist gangs making raids into the USA to perform hits on rival drug dealers , private citizens who are witnesses in court procedings even law enforcement officials and Border Patrol Agents.
U.S. CITIZENS are tired of seeing their property being overrun at night,fences cut , out buildings broken into ,homes broken into and burglarized, trash left behind , brush fires from unattended campfires or brush fires delibertaly set to create a diversion for an illegal border crossing , sophisticated trans border smuggling tunnels for the purpose of smuggling anything and anybody into the United States . Cars stolen , Hit and run accidents , rapes , robberies , Drug smuggling.
Citizens (and not just white citizens) in the border states are Fed UP.They are
tired of the COYOTES/human smugglers ripping off their human cargos and abandoning them them locked up in a box truck to bake in the desert sun.Worse yet when the Coyote/ smuggler gets caught and leads authorities on a highspeed chase with no regard for his human cargo The results are almost all too often tragic. More cost to our strapped social services.
Indigent care at hospital emergency rooms
Non reimbursed labor and delivery room costs oft times caused by doctors that have neonatal clinics on both sides of the border and have all the SSI paper work ready to go before the child is born.
Their instructions to the mother is to not come to the neonatal clinic office on this side of the border until she is about ready to go into labor, then she is instructed to go to the nearest hospital emergency department and sit outside in the parking lot until her water breaks.Then it is instant admittance for emergency delivery on the taxpayer's dime. I have been there when it has happened numrous times and have had to personally lead Madre & Padre to the birthing center.
Work it baby , work it.
Welfare checks going to post office boxes adressed to fictitious characters that do not reside in the country to collect.
Aliens with fictitious IDs collecting MediCal ,Medicare , Medicaid social security etc.
Illegal aliens getting free college tuition. THIS IS ALL TRUE STUFF NOT MAKING IT UP.
You cannot pull this kind of crap in Mexico or most other countries so why are people allowed to get away with it here?
If you get pulled over by local law enforcement in the USA
you are required to produce a VALID driver's license and proof of insurance.
If you are driving drunk,committing a felony, misdemeanor ,traffic violation ,just acting suspicious the cops are gonna field interrogate you.
If you are on foot you still need to be able to prove you are who you claim to be.

If you are a citizen you better have your shit together ,know your rights and not have any outsatanding warrants. You can be placed under arrest and
held up to 72 hours before being formally charged. Usually most people do not have to wait that long to be charged.LOL
You have the right to remain silent.You do not have to answer any questions without an attorney present.You get 1 phone call.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. etc.
Did you understand what you were just told?

If a person is a visitor in this country they had better have a valid green card ,visa or passport.
If you are a RESIDENT ALIEN you had better have the ID to prove it.
Now why should not local law enforcement be able to ascertain this?
In this highspeed electronic age local law enforcement can currently run your name through a database six ways to Sunday so what makes it so wrong for them to check on a person's emigration status ?
It is all about interagency cooperation to keep the laws of this country enforced. To many criminals are sneaking into the country doing the work international crime syndicates.
The innocent migrant workers and day laborers have always had a legal program to seek work here in the U.S.A. .
It has just become too easy to by pass the law.
If they are here legally and they are not here to commit crimes or defraud the government there is no problem.
If they snuck in illegally , over stayed their visa etc. they have a problem with the law of the land.
This goes for anyone entering the country from any port of entry North , South , East or West . They had better be legitimate.

I gaurantee you if you went to Mexico or most any other country in the world
and pulled the crap that goes on here you will be held for ransom in some prison.You had better hope your relatives can scrape up the cash to set you free.
You will not get gently deported back to the U.S. Border
with a complimentary bus ride or plane ticket home.
The U.S. State Department says passports are now required for U.S. citizens to travel into Mexico and most other points out of this country.Go Figure.
Once at your destination you had better respect the laws of the country you are in.
I am all for immigration , LEGAL IMMIGRATION.
And legal guest worker green card visas.
Not blanket amnesty for people that came here illegally.
That is a slap in the face to every naturalized citizen and legal resident alien that went through all the legal hoops , paid all the fees and waited in line , sometimes years, to get to this country LEGALLY.
If a foreign national is visiting , even for just a day, they had better possess a legitimate passport/ and photo ID.

Nothing racist about it. The law is very clear on this.
It does not matter if you are Mexican , Canadian , Haitian , East/West White
European, Japanese, Chinese , African , Pacific Islander, South American , British, New Zealander, Australian,Indian or from any other country here on earth. If you travel to this country for the purposes of vacationing , going to school , working , seeking permanent resident status and citizenship , you need to do it by the numbers.
The law is the law.
It sucks when you get caught breaking the law.

Sharpton Is a personal communist/shakedown artist.He cannot even take care of problems in his home state of New York.
Who is paying for his time in AZ ?
I Think we need to ban all travel in and out of New York City and the "Peoples Republic Of San Francisco" .

Step Away From The KOOL AID !
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