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Some "causes" are better off without certain individuals "promoting" them. The AZ law IS an "abomination" and "reactionary politics" at it's worst, BUT... Al being there isn't helping EITHER "side". He's a bandwagoneer, so I pay him no heed.

You DO understand, the "illegal alien problem" is no different than it was 50 years ago, except the average individual's AWARENESS of it, right? The REAL solution is NOT to punish the poor slobs just trying to make life better for their families, not unlike OUR ancestors BEFORE we HAD immigration "laws". The solution is to make it a serious crime to HIRE or PAY illegals to do the work. And I don't mean the foreman or personnel guy (or gal), I mean the "fat cat" that OWNS the company or business that directly benefits from hiring them. If you make it cost "rich" people money to do something you don't want done, they WILL stop. In fact, that's the ONLY place you can "hurt" them, by hitting them in the wallet. Most of those at that "level", have no conscience, so appealing to their sense of "right and wrong" just makes them laugh when you leave the room...

Most of the problems we face as a nation can be taken care of if we STOP "treating the symptoms" and start treating the DISEASE! (greed)

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