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Default Re: Pre-War Pontiac pics

Hi There,

I too find myself with a prewar Pontiac by chance. Was sealed in a garage for 40 years while the owner was overseas. Rust free. Few dings but body doesn't need more than a prep/paint. 1938 2 door business coupe 6 cyl. It is a Canadian Pontiac so it is a 100% chevrolet chasis/drivetrain/interior with a full pontiac front clip and a few pontiac emblems to separate it from the Chevs of the day. Stovebolt 6 so no flathead.

It was mostly disassembled but left unmolested with mountains of spare parts. I'm currently gathering parts and manuals. I do need headlight stands. I also need inner fenders but they are weird since the chasis is chevrolet and the fenders are pontiac. Maybe I could modify a set of Pontiac inners if I could find some...

Just wanted to say "Hi". When I have time I'll be back...

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