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Thumbs down Harbor Freight aluminum "Racing Jacks"

Beware of cheap Chinese imitations of the real thing.You are seeing these for sale everywhere now.
Freind of mine bought two of these "U.S. General" brand so called "racing jacks" .Niether one of them worked as advertised.They would not raise a car even after bleeding them the way the manufacturer suggests.
Took them back to Harbor Freight Tools to exchange them and went through a whole pile of them before a working one was found.
The store help said "yeah alot of those have been coming back".
No **** then why don't they take 'em all off the shelves and send 'em to scrap before someone gets hurt using a trick looking piece of crap racing jack?
Ya gotta love companies like that. No Q.C. at all just box it up and sell it.And they put a trade name on it that says "U.S. General"
Friend said forget it and got his money back.
Went to Sears and bought their Chinese Craftsman "racing jack".At least the Sears one worked ok right out of the box.
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