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I also had a good experience with Ohio Crankshaft. Last summer, I grenaded my 464 just after taking the points lead in Pro class. Wondering what to do, I gave O.C. a call. The next day, since they are only 2 hours away, I took my spare 400 block to Ohio Crankshaft. They bored and honed it +.065, decked it to zero deck height, line bored it, and installed freeze plugs and cam bearings. Their stroker kit included: 4.25 stroke nodular crank with 3" mains and 2" rod journals, S.R.P. pistons with pins and locks, file fit rings, 6.8 BBC H- beam rods with ARP 2000 bolts, and rod and main bearings. The assembly was also balanced and the block was clearanced for the stroker assembly.
To my surprise, they had it ready in 6 business days. Remember that this was in the middle of race season! I double checked the specs while I assembled it and found them to be right on the money.

Speaking of money, the total bill for parts and shop work was $2,145.

Thanks to Ohio Crankshaft, I only had to borrow a car for one weekend.

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