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Default Another Dead Horse?

If the tunnel port was such a hot concept the manufacturers would have pursued it,the aftermarket would have produced it long ago for all brands of engines and that architecture would be on all cylinder heads of winning race cars across the land.
But what does history show?
Getting it all to work satisfactorily is a whole 'nother story.
Just ask TJS 44.
Big as those ports were/are they really did not do well NA on displacements below 428 cubic inch .NA at high rpm WOT is where they shined. With forced induction they did even better.
The smaller displacements had trouble using all that port and still have usable low and mid-range performance.
The technology moved away from the concept.
Unless the new makers of these heads are offering several port sizes the heads will be best suited to 455" and up displacements.
The romance with nostalgia & the " RA V mystique" are hot sales commodities. People can buy that kind of hardware now just so they can say they have that ultra rare "RA V aura" surrounding their car.
If that's what makes them happy let'em go for it .
Almost 50 years in the making.
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