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First off there seems to be a misconception here. Dairy Farmers or ANY Farmers in this day and age are NOT STUPID people. They are Survivors!

This means that if they make a "bad" decision due to poor knowledge in that area, due to deceptive practices, or due to being down right crooks it is all the same: "How do They recover as quickly as possible while losing as little money as possible"

Some businesses acknowledge their mistakes, say "It will not happen again" and try and correct the issues with their customers, Morose is a good example of this type of company. Other businesses ignore the customers, file bankruptcy, and move on again trying to pay as little as possible. Now the last group simply picks up stakes and goes to a new area to take advantage of new "victims" of their scams.

Very hard to do the last deal for some, as this means you have to sell the "family farm" and actually move away.

I personally have seen cases though where this did happen, but not on an automotive deal. The kid was stealing from the members at the bank so the family reputation wasn't any good in the town. They had to leave.

In this case the "reputation" means nothing to the local people or to the company, it is all an "internet deal".

My final comment of this post.

Do NOT assume that these people are stupid. This is not the case. They may be other things but stupid is not one of them.
Tom v.
Internet deal, I wonder what percentage of the hobby has Internet
access. I wonder if the guy in Hooterville who recieved a MR-1 block
from them and doesn't even own a computer. Most likely knows of
Kauffman's from those adds in HPP or PE magazine.

What percentage of business comes from Magazine adds vs Internet.
I say most of their business comes from adds.
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