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Glad you replied, had wanted to ask if you if your car is paint code 53 53 as mine ... and whether you had correct date code block and heads for sale. Thought you were building a monster custom engine or had one in there. Guess I figured I wouldnt part with my original parts even if I had a nice built non-original motor just in case I wanted to switch back, you probably wouldn't either. I sent to PHS for this Formula and have a nice little packet and factory photo showing stance on Firestone Wide Oval tires. Right now I have a set of Keystone Classics and 235/60 I believe installed on the rear end and waiting for the front. I will see how they look with fresh Quezal gold paint. I really am watching pennies. I will call John R Spring in Michigan and see if I can get any kind of customer service from them. If I can I will probably get springs both leaf and coil from them.

I know I dont want something I have to worry about speed bumps with, that might rule out drop springs. Maybe headers too ... darn I really wanted to say my exhaust is Hookers hooked up with a pair of Purple Hornie's Might have some boys in blue follering me around with that setup tho and a dozen Subaru's popping popcorn I have a pair of frame connectors that dont look like much, but my racing buddy says if installed right will do the trick. Rolling chassis by winter sealed and primed.
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