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Itís become a hassle, used have couple of places to fill that was convenient, thatís gone around here...anyway. So you better have more then a couple of bottles on hand. At least as of a few years ago. Then you have all the associated
Things need , Bottle warmer, fill gauge the whole 9 yards.

Iím sure for the heads up guys itís routine and easy access for filling is not big deal. The heavy hitters.LOL

For the street guys who just want to have fun and run a number, and have Their buddy covered, itís just allot easier turn up the boost.

But in reality itís all about the money and what the competition is around you thereís guys with serious money in their cars. Kind of like Street Outlaws with 60-70 K motors.

A 800 plus hp street car, that you can just pull up to the pump is definitely the easiest, just a fun car. Turn up the boost have the capability 11-1200 hp. Itís really about what you can afford.
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