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Originally Posted by turbo69BIRD View Post
Ice how's it run?
I made a conversion chart showing what the differences are between 8.4 an 9.8 with boost.. Its starts out where there's around a 5 psi difference between the 2 to equal the same boosted compression ratio. Then as boost rises it eventually grows to almost 7 psi in there comparison . That's where the old 40 is the same as the new 33 psi. But its interesting to me that the change doesn't really show all that much until 27 psi. At the top of the list in the beginning the increase is around .09 of a point. By 27 psi its .86 of a point. Then by the end its 1.92 almost 2 points .. So something is drastically changing at the 27 number.. Another interesting thing is now that im running the car with the change and not just looking at the conversion chart I can tell that the motor gets very angry at an after 27 psi. There's no doubt that it does.. So there's a correlation there confirming some validation of the chart.. From 20 to 25 psi there's a power change but go 2 more to 27 , feels bigger. Yes this is just my a$$ meter so there's no track numbers or anything like that .. I will be going over to the dyno again one of these days though...

Heres the chart I made ...
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