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Default Re: Oakland V8 Discussion

Thanks for your input Paul. Valves are 6 1/2" long overall. Stems are 11/32". Guides are 3 11/16" long and 11/16" dia. Protrusion into port is 5/8" dia by 1/2" long.

Crankpins are 2 1/4" dia. Rod big ends are 1 5/16" wide and rod centre distance is 6 5/8". Piston comp height is 2 1/4". Certainly plenty of room for a longer rod but hard to find one for such a big journal I think.

What do you think about the pop top piston with 100% squish area for a higher compression ratio?

Rarerodder, are you sure the cam is NOS? That would be amazing. The rollers that run on the lobes are 1/16" or so narrower than the cams so they tend to wear a track in the middle of the lobe. What diameter are the base circles?
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