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Original post was a question on how to increase durability of a factory crank in a performance application. Increasing fillet radius puts more meat/strength in the area most likely to crack on any crankshaft. Bill Miller personally spec'd the .125 radius in a phone conversation I had with him to use with his rods. Nitriding to harden surface and cryo'ing to relieve stress and strengthen seem to make sense to me for the foundation of something I desire to maximize performance in. Was thinking of trying to polish oil passages with a flexible rod polisher as well as manicuring the oil entrance/exit holes. Oil type and bearing clearance important as well. I have 2 bent large journal cranks, one with a trashed rod journal and one just bent, 1 bent 389 crank among my collection of mostly straight cranks. If I do up a factory crank for max performance I will try to lighten my r/a members to load the crank less as well as all I just mentioned. I believe factory cranks are durable and would like to actually push one's limits with forced induction. Not sure I'll get to that, have to finish my Kool-Aid 444 first.
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