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Fella,s your making to much out of this little 400 motor bracket car, just something to go out and run every weekend if needed and not break anything. I have done just that , If i was retired i would be out alot more. Its been a blast, Side beam polished rods held up better than all the motors ive seen scattered down a Normal Pontiac Sunday afternoon. Rpm intake with a rebuilt q-jet going 11.90,s while the guys next to me are bragging about there Roller cammed motors going 11.70,s. I have a Crower Hydraulic cam keeping almost up with the best of the guys. Do i personally fill there,s more here. sure i do just my opinion thats does not mean a thing. Would i like to see 11.70,s sure but my goal has been reached.
During the upcoming months there will be a motor change & i can tear old faithfull down and take a look at her. any regrets NOT a one. Thanks everyone for your input.
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