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I ran my 62 Catalina at Eastex Dragway in Texas and at the Gay Pontiac track. I would tow my brothers 64 GTO to the drags and race my car just for fun in D stock. We did not have a lot of money, but I had a set of Goodyear slicks,tri power, a GTO shifter, an 068 cam, and upped the rear gear from 3.42 to 3.90 and it was a posi. The long branch factory headers had plates on the pipe about a foot back and I uncorked it there.

The Pontiac was a consistent runner at 14.26. I ran off and left all the Plymouths. My only nemesis was a HI PO 65 Mustang fastback campaigned by a real racer by the name of Tommy Pagoda. He still lives in the Houston area. The battle was a classic one with the big brute Catalina leaping out of the hole right with the little high winding red Mustang. The little Mustang would beat me by a fender or so and my Pontiac seemed to run out of steam at the end of the run.

Anyway, I believe the Plymouth guys were butt hurt at being beaten on a regular basis. One day at check in tech inspection they tell me my engine has been modified and I would have to run in Gas Class. What? Yep, see here the numbers on the engine block have been altered. They had. But, from the factory. We bought the car new. The block clearly showed grind marks to obliterate the designation and a restamp of 08B. I told them the car came that way but no cigar. Last time I raced there. From then on we ran at the more Pontiac friendly Gay strip. I used to have 20 or so trophies but finally threw them away as they took up too much space and it was a time past.
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