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Keith, I know there hard to come by now but have you ever thought of using the OFFY duel quad intake that was designed for the use of 2 Q-Jets. I have seen a few on ebay in the recent past for in the price range of $ 300.00 +-. You may consider to run them in a progressive linkage so they work the way they were designed. I don't know of anyone that has ever used one but it would look different then all the rest. Now just a little input for you. I am at present running a 400 + .60 over with round port E-heads & round port exhaust manifolds. Now for the part I usually get hit on. I run a Crane Blueprint RA IV cam with 1.65 roller tip rockers, a Performer RPM intake, & right now with this engine I have the old TRW forged pistons with the 4 valve reliefs in them & stock rods that have been shot peened & buffed. The best part is the carb. I have tricked out myself an 800 cfm Q-jet. I use the Pertronix ign. with the flame thrower coil. My 73 GTO is a 4 spd. an M-22 with 3:73 rear gears. The engine dyno'ed at 487 hp. & 5300. It's not a rocket but I can shift this set up at 5800 all day long. I have tried a couple of times a bit higher 5900-6300, but it doesn't make any difference in the times. Shifting at 5800 or right around there depending on how good my tach reads I can turn a low of 12.91 & a high of 12.96. It has gone slower when i don't pay enough attention to the lights , but then I just kick myself. I only go to the track about 3-4 times a year, but if your looking for that real kick in the pants feeling this set up for me really does it. I don't know how fast your trying to go but this works for me. It not real good on the hwy. for top end but you can run 65-70 & not hurt it. Gas mileage is way down at that speed but I don't pay much attention to that as i don't take it out of town to much or farther then 40-50 miles away. I know a lot of guys turn their nose's up at the RA IV cam but I like it. I've used this cam in several engine over the years for myself & others. Let me know what you think. I know a lot has to do with my E-heads but........
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