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Default Milodon #32240 Windage Tray

I really had to work this thing over to get it to fit. It's a nice looking tray with louvers to scrape the oil cloud away from the crank, but on my 461 there was no way that the tray louvers were ever going to clear the crank. I wound up just cutting the louvers completely out of the tray, turning them into slots.

Even after cutting the louvers out and mounting the tray as far away from the crank as possible, I still didn't have the specified 1/8" minimum clearance between the crank/rod bolts and the tray at all points. I solved the problem by "reshaping" the tray mounts with a cross-pien body hammer, letting me get the tray just a little farther away from the rotating parts.

The last problem I had to solve was that of the lower dipstick tube. My engine originally had the factory windage tray and the lower dipstick tube that was captured between it and the block. To use the Milodon tray, I had to go with the lower dipstick tube that's for "non-windage tray" Pontiacs and designed to be mounted to the center main cap. Of course, my center main cap didn't have the bolt holes to mount the tube so I had to drill and tap them myself.

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