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Let me clarify.
The TA will keep the 535 in it and tear up the street and track next season. The car runs well right now, needs a few odds and ends done.I would like to get it on a dyno to tune it. But with no heat and the winter here it doesnt look like I will get anything done on it so away she goes.
It is more of bordom from not working in the garge every night that has me wanting to build something else. Besides I really want to see what a stock 400 would handle.

Jeff, you are right. Every one lost interest when it was time to "anty up" last season. I a willing to make it a go again for the fun of it. I do not have a car to run it so it would have to be a dyno rat. Unless I find a cheap rolling chassis to make a daily diver for next year. Lease is up on wifes car, she gets mine. I would rather have a fun car to zip back and forth with for a while before I get into another lease. Kicking the idea around.

Missed a 69 vert mostly done last weekend for 3500. Guy lost his storage and job etc. Would have been perfect.

1979 Trans-Am Turbo Charged 535 IA2,
CV 1 heads with convertible exhaust option. 305cc, flowing 405cfm with mild intake port clean up

1979 Silver Anniversary 4 speed, numbers matching.
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