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Default Im bored, so I want to do another turbo build

That pretty much says it all.

A while back we spoke of a stock 400 build to see the limits of the block in a turbo application. So...
I figure since no one has done it and so many guys have them, it would be a great project.
I have a stock 77 400 engine that I have had for a while. I am thinking of doing a basic re build and adding a small frame 70-76mm turbo to it and then bringing it to the dyno to see what it would do. Goal would be 600hp+ range
I would be doing a "budget build" that would be as many used parts that I could find on the boards. Or parts that someone wants to donate.
(totally opposite of my previous build)

The engine has been sitting for a very long time so I do not know if it is even a candidate, but I will check on it soon.

What do you guys think?

1979 Trans-Am Turbo Charged 535 IA2,
CV 1 heads with convertible exhaust option. 305cc, flowing 405cfm with mild intake port clean up

1979 Silver Anniversary 4 speed, numbers matching.
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