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After several messages to Eric about this problem he did answer me today by saying he saw the post, which I asked to see also & he said I trashed someone in the for sale section or made some remark about someones parts , but he didn't include the post so I could see it to. I did respond to him & asked to see the post as I believe it was just something old that was dragged up to give them a reason to ban me again. I asked him to show me the post & i don't really expect to have it sent to me because I know it was something they used just because I was answering questions to guys who needed real answers & not just a bunch of fake numbers from someone who just wants to show their ass with a bunch of made up numbers. When someone asks me a question about something as in this site I give them the answers that I know & if I don't know I will try to find out & if I can't I'll find them someone who does know the correct answer. I have found that the people on that other site tend to make up a lot of stuff to cover up what they don't know & thats why a lot of guys are so confused about our hobby. I hate when someone tells someone else a complete story about a simple question that is in need of straight forward answer. Not one filled with a bunch of B.S. & numbers that mean nothing to guys who aren't mechanical engineers. That site was a good site but has gone down hill over the last 8-10 years with the guys who just want to TRY to impress those who just want their question answered. I don't know everything but when it comes to 73 GTO's I because I have had mine since new , I can say I do know a lot & hope I can give good answers to good questions. I think those I have helped over the years can say that to. I really don't feel bad about being out on that site but the parts section WAS good but that to has gone down hill to. I love my 73 GTO & I love the Pontiac hobby along with those who are also on this site , but I am fed up with the B. S. over there & tried of trying to fit in , which I will never as I'm not that good at kissing ass. I hope this site stays good & with the guys who love their cars as much as I do. Rex Lee Carpenter.
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