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There's a couple little clicks on PY...same 10 or so people who post on a daily basis. Same bull day in day out ! You have the Kauffman click then CV-1 click. Their like butt buddies. Then you have the Genuine Pontiac guys who just want honest answers on products but god forbid you question results.

That's why I started this board, unfortunately those clicks spilt over to PZ, so yes allot of them who out right made up With fales statements are banned. For most of us this is just a hobby, and the only sauce of information now that the Pontiac magazines are gone. Unfortunately this has set the tone for the last 15 years and so much is changed in the Pontiac hobby. The boards have become a political nesting place, there's so many different views and I think most have grown tired of something they now think they can't change and have just moved on.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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