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Rookie question, just wondering what properties in springs are desirable and worth paying more for to have the best for street handling, race, and comprimise between the 2 applications. My 71 Formula was looking at Calvert traction bars on either Calvert split-mono or Ames 5 leaf multi rears and Ames wi/AC application specific front coils to start with. Was very happy with the "stance" correction the application specific front and rear Ames coils brought to my 66 Star Chief and the driving "feel" was a great improvement tho it hasnt gotten many miles. A pure road application. Formula will have many more ponies if I can get my crank done and will see some race track. My little H-body will get frame connectors and possibly a Ford 9" tub setup ... believe it is all coils tho I havent crawled under yet, may want air bag(s) in coil for that. H-body will see road service with a buick v6 before my Pontiac gusto motor gets installed then maybe maybe not, intend to have it a 2 seater sedan delivery with 9" with both motors. Trying to gather info to make decisions.
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