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I thought the 455 @ .60 over was a 469 CI. not 462 CI. I thought that the 455 @ .30 was the 462 CI ? Any way I was just kind of guessing what the power level would be at 500 HP with this combo , so if I'm off I don't really mind but I know that when this combo was in my car at .30 with the 455 I had plenty of TQ so I guess I don't need any more in that area, but would like to have the same amount of power as before but with a little bit better idle quality because even with that combo before if I were trying to run in 4th gear under 35 mph it wanted to buck a bit & in the 400 .60 over combo now if I run under 30-35 mph it doesn't like it much & wants to buck a bit even even with the 3:73 rear gears. I don't know if I'm asking for to much but this is what I'd like to do. I can live with the slight bucking in 4th gear if I have to as I like the amount of power I get even in the 400 .60 over combo. The 400 is all the same parts that will be going in the 455 + .60 over. Right now the E-heads are on the 400 with the RA IV cam & all the other parts that I have stated that will be going in the 455. Also what brand is the 60243 cam. You didn't say who makes this one ? Let me know Please. GACH how big or what is the spec's on the 60244 cam ? I try to get on at least every 2 days but I would like to be able to be on here every day, but my schedule is a bit tight right now as I put on a car show cruise ion every Wed. & we only have 2 Wed's left & every body & their brother is calling to get info for the last few shows which take up a bunch of my time & with all the extra planning for these last 2 shows I need to focus on these last few right now so forgive me if I don't answer right away. Anyway thanks for any & all the help you guys are giving me. Thanks Rex.
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