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Default update - got to try the Nittos out this weekend

I'll start by saying this was a well prepped track as it was one of Jay Boddie's "No Excuses" events.

Got them mounted up Saturday morning and drove the car straight to the track.

I forgot my tire gauge and for the first pass I didn't really know where the tire pressure was besides what the the cheesey gauge in my cigarette lighter air compressor said at just below 20 pounds.

1st pass blew the tires off...went horrible lost to a Hellcat Challenger

After borrowing a proper tire gauge and discovering they were at 22 pounds I lowered them to 15 .. next 4 runs the car dead hooked with 1.55 60s

The pic is my 3rd run getting redemption on the Hellcat .. since it was a grudge style event there were no times displayed on the clocks and they cut the time slips in half lengthwise so you can't see what your competitor is running and thus can't tell you how fast the Hellcat was ...but he was way back there at the 1/8th .. this event was an 1/8th mile event (Sac Raceway runs 1/4 mile by default but this was a Boddie event.

So far I'm happy with the Nittos, but we will see how they do on a no prep track maybe on a Wednesday night race this week
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