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Default Ignition problem / maybe

Does anyone know what the voltage should be coming out of the resistor wire?
Here is my problem and I'm not sure if this is a problem or not.
This is in a 65 gto. I have a mallory unilite and a promaster coil. When I check voltage at the positive side of the coil I get 5.8 volts with ignition switch to on. I then removed the wires from the coil and and check the wires and get 12.8 volts.( these wires are the black w/yellow stripe and the resistance wire which is tied to a black w/pink wire.) I then removed all the wires from the connecting terminal and the resistor wire is 12.8 volts cranking and key to on..The black w/yellow wire is .03 volts key to on and 9.9 when cranking .the black w/pink wire is just a tied in wire no importance.. do i have a problem somewhere i would think the resistor wire should be lower??
If anyone can help me out here I would appreciate it..
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