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Post Hoffman Racing

This is a small local engine builder worth knowing. Located in Coram, Long Island, New York. I've been dealing with Hoffman Racing for well over ten years now and all I get is true performance. Best of all is the durability Richie of Hoffman Racing provides. Richie has built me a few motors all with no failure. I must say that what I've asked for I've gotten, and more. Example, 461 pontiac ra4 heads torker1 turbo 400 410 12 bolt has runned consistant at 10.50 for 8 years. A 474 eheads tomahawk manifold turbo 400 410 12 bolt has also runned consistant at 10.14 for 3 years. A 461 # 12head hydraulic cam turbo 400 12 bolt runs consistant at 10.90 for 10 years. Make note that all these engines are in vehicles with no power adders just pure PONTIAC POWER and still running strong. On occasion I street drive these vehicles. Richie of HOFFMAN RACING is the best PONTIAC GURU. Richie is a down to earth easy going guy. You don't have to know it all, he'll help you in any way he can and will give advice and suggestions. If you want the BEST I suggest Richie of HOFFMAN RACING.
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