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Mighty T/A 10-28-10 02:42AM

What I have Unlearned!
I have asked Gach for the opportunity to host this forum. Later I will post more so let this simply be an introduction to begin asking. My intent is to help Pontiacs beat the "others!" It is that simple to me.

The questions I get the most are nitrous related. 15 years I have been emptying bottles at various levels. 4 years undefeated in street racing a 500 shot EVERY weekend. 8.60's on pump gas only 5 years ago and the last couple years winning many races against bigger engines and larger systems. Several of my closest racing friends 2 of which would fall in the Nations top 10 list can get me answers I come up short on. This is not meant to brag but to lend credibility to my answers. Truth is most of my years were spent ignorantly! I have broken more parts and went backwards more times than you can imagine but I have only smoked 1 piston! I wish to spare some of you the same experiences [oops] if at all possible. I have learned more in the last 6 months than the previous 5 years and it is some good stuff.

I have philosophies and formulas I have explored in my learning. Most of them are just that! I will tell you right off it is the combination that is most important. Blow the combination and the results won't come out. Period!! You will find yourself dissatisfied, disheartened and will blame everything but the real culprit. I have watched friends of mine change cams several times in search of power when I have suggested on several occasions a converter change... Ron White said it best: "You can't fix stupid!"

If you know me I am a straight forward person, every employee who works for me knows you ask a question I will answer even if you won't like the answer. I do run a large business so I may not answer immediately but i will in time. The caveat is I am just trying to help you, please don't take it personal! I do promise to be polite.

Last, there will be no BS allowed! Just lower ET's [dance]

twinturrbo406 10-28-10 02:56AM

........ simply, awesome ....... i can honestly say IMO one of Robin's best skills, is attention to details, he covers it all !!! Many times over sometimes, he is very detailed to say the least ..... not many people know there car like he does ....... great idea for a thread, i like it ....... [indian]

Mark G 10-28-10 03:01AM

Robin I look forward to reading this .What a great addition to this board.Thanks

TIN TIGR 10-28-10 01:15PM

well, i am waiting..[dance]

Mark G 10-28-10 05:07PM


Originally Posted by TIN TIGR (Post 379019)
well, i am waiting..[dance]

I just wondering if you would post some pics etc of your car. Some of accomplishment you are most proud of .Where your at now with your ride.I don't know much about you Tin Tigr.

TIN TIGR 10-28-10 11:35PM

if i sense questions i get hostile..i been doing nitrous for decades..some shit you see on kits is my invention or design..been fuked in this game many times..

call mike thermos and ask if he remembers the guys running out of the datsun dealship taking his money..lol..he does..

worked with and for john stewart, even ran top gun for a minute..i just play with my own stuff now, and dont have much energy for traveling..i pick and choose who gets my kits..i was lean is mean tune for 20 years before anyone else..make 400+ hp with "300" size jets..never yet failed..

mr roberts seem to understand the most important issue..its all in the combo..learn to use the strengths of the medium to the fullest..

last screw i tryed to help was trevor langfield..but he went whacko..but the "death star" works..

anyway, dont be so f-in quick to think im some sort of "wanna be" nitrous guru..i am the real deal..and the plate on my harley sez so..[dance]

lets all try to get along, and learn..

rainbow love..[stinkinhippy]

Mark G 10-28-10 11:57PM

Anyway, dont be so f-in quick to think im some sort of "wanna be" nitrous .You took that the wrong way Tin .I just thought since I'm on this board now & so are you.I was just trying to get to know your back ground.You help me in the pass with my nitrous question.You can ask me any thing I will try to answer it.Anyway you still did not answer my question what kind of car are you running now or are you taking a break ???? You need to Chill out.

TIN TIGR 10-29-10 01:38AM

ok..we are at peace..i have a 74 gto i gotta build for the wifey..an old 68 firebird that ran low 10's on real street tire, not stickys, back in 1989..no traction aids at all..old HEAT is a neat car..i feel like putting it together again, as its been sitting for about 13 years..

but the real baby is my 63 tempest..the original TIN TIGR..carrys a 57-64 type pontiac rear with old style lift bars..it was an afx replica before they were popular..my wife and i rode away from our wedding in it..even had a hi speed with police on the way home, dragging tin cans..sold it in 1988, found the guy 20 years later, in oregon, and paid a fortune to get it back..i keep vacillating between resto to how it was(primitive) or updates..this car deserves a cv-1, if i can hold the power..it was a wild ride in its day..

i have 70 ss nova, 8.50 legal, with plates..and a 74 vega wagon, that also has plates, and will run 10's, or single digits with some juice..just a normal homestyle 350 in it with glide..

i ampretty well crippled up, and require assistance now to perform some duties..i have 1 good helper, and many fine friends to lend a helping hand when i need it, but stuff still doesnt get done like the old days when we would go all night to make a race..

my helper/partner's olds cutlass SX carries a 455 , 12-1 CR, solid cam, and runs on e-85..shifting at 5000 rpm, with a nos sniper kit(junk) it runs low 11's..weighs in at 4000 plus pounds, with all steel body, and a huge stereo in the trunk..i spend most of my time helping him, cuz he helps me..i see some 10's soon

this next year will hopefully be better..i had 3 pals murdered in the first 4 months..wtf..just some crazy shit going on..got a partner that was gonna run a limited 10.5 car, but his shit got funny too..i know we are in the hunt, as far as numbers go, but he just had to slow down due to the economy..

i just bought into ron watts "tribal ?????", and he instantly screwed me..so i gotta spend time hunting him down, and getting paid..thats how i got banned from PY..

my favorite cat died today, and we shared a cocktail before i buried him under the sycamore tree out front..he loved that tree..

if things do not pick up around here, i may just sell it all, and go fishing..if they do, then we will be racing well soon..[dance]

Mark G 10-29-10 02:31AM

Wow Tin first off sorry about your cat I have two.You have had your share of bad luck thats for sure.I sure hope thing change for you.Thanks for sharing I now have a better perspective of you. Thanks Mark.

DocsTA 10-29-10 10:49AM

You asked.

DocsTA 10-29-10 10:50AM


Will this be a NOS forum strictly of suspension theck as well?

Mighty T/A 10-29-10 12:40PM


Originally Posted by DocsTA (Post 379075)

Will this be a NOS forum strictly of suspension theck as well?

Would you like a Suspension Forum? Maybe Gach can take a quick vote or drop a note here.

turbo69BIRD 10-29-10 03:56PM

1 Attachment(s)
God damn contoversy already.WTF.

Robin glad your here!

I may need some info when I add NOS to the turbo car!

I have a EFI kit from zex sitting in the garage collecting dust. maybe I will add it to the mix theres not enough plumbing and lines under my hood yet

turbo69BIRD 10-29-10 04:05PM

robin Remember My buddy chris from Memphis. (I know thats going back quite a few years now)

well he sold the capri and we are building a Buick GN with Ls power 6 liter and a S475.

Mainly a street car but you know how chris is , itll be running low 8's I am sure in the near future. Hes working with the coil on plug stuff and it seems most guys switch to distributors on them so It should be interesting.

Anyway this should be a Killer forum now!

TIN TIGR 10-29-10 05:46PM

i vote yes on suspensions..so many cats just get lost..and end up crashing or going slow..race cars are a balancing act..[dance]

i was pissy due to death of favorite cat, rare, mini kitty..sorry to all..[dance]

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