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imported_Play400 03-13-07 08:12PM

1942 -1958 Pontiac pics thread
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Canadian version, made originally with a Chevy in it but it's got an Indian in it now. 455 .030 over, th400, R&P steering, discs and is mini tubbed with 315x60x15 drag radials on back. Got tilt steering without the key from a GM van. I have a 2x4 set-up for it that will go on after break in. And there is one other little mod I just noticed a few months back. See it Bill? Nobody has noticed it before and I've had it over 5 or 6 years. Car has been a track car forever. Going in for a fresh coat of primer in a few months.

Drawings are done by my kids, 25 & 27. Never leave chalk around!


Bill Eveland 03-16-07 07:31PM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder
Your referring to the shorter wheelbase? I probably wouldn't have noticed it if you didn't say anything. I extended the rear wheelwells forward on mine to make room for a taller tire but leaving the axle in the stock location.

No side moulding?

imported_Play400 03-16-07 08:21PM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder
No chrome. I think the window gaskets with the chrome inserts came off another car. Way too fancy for the model I have. Basic, basic model the Pathfinder. Makes it harder to 2 tone.

My wells measure 33" across the bottom. Lower section was changed between door and wheel a hundred years ago. I have the 315x60s on it now but would like a 32x10 street slick or "for nostalgic reasons "cheater slick""

Good news is I finished making my electronic control panel. Installing it where the radio went. Should have the electrical done next week, then a couple of days to install the oil pressure gauge, another day of so to install fuel pressure gauge then I have to drill a couple of holes on the driver's side dash edge by the windshield pillar to mount the monster tach, actually looks good and easy to see there. then add fluids and push button...I hope

I did mention I retired

Bill Eveland 03-16-07 10:10PM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder
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You gonna get the piecrust whitewall slicks or stick to blackwall?
Something like these? Or just some regular street slicks?

imported_Play400 03-17-07 01:41AM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder
Exactly what I want Bill as long as they're DOT. That's why I was looking for recaps. It's not something I would consider using at the track but want them for the cool factor. The way the car is coming along I think it's going end up a noisy 2 seater. Had a nice red leather interior, split bench both sides power from a delta royal and have to pull it cause my shifter and kicker won't fit. I, 6' want to drive it, wife 5' will race. Not even considering putting a stereo back in it.

Bill Eveland 03-17-07 02:01PM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder

INJUNTOM 03-23-07 12:16AM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder
I really like it. Plans are cool too.

Bill Eveland 03-23-07 09:04PM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder
Alan, I measured my rear wheelwells. I have 33" also after I moved the front section forward. I had to repair a rusted section anyway from a previous repair. You have me thinking about going to even a taller tire also.

Do you have any good pics from the rear of the car showing how wide the 315 tires look?

imported_Play400 03-24-07 01:39AM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder
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Bill I'll take a few when it stops raining. Right now I'm pretty high in the back and I don't see myself lowering it. Think the car looks good from the rear. I centered the tank like you did. Still have to make up a set of trac bars and put some shock mounts in. Trunk floor isn't the best location.

imported_Play400 03-24-07 07:22PM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder
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And the last. Notice how much room above the tire. Almost like a 4x4

JEFF W 03-24-07 10:30PM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder
Are those them Ebay rims? Looks like a nice project you got there.:Cool

imported_Play400 03-24-07 11:29PM

Re: My 55 Pathfinder

Originally Posted by JEFF WALKER (Post 13004)
Are those them Ebay rims? Looks like a nice project you got there.:Cool

RaceJunk Welds. 7 1/2 offset The Ebay 1's are for the bird. Can't believe I got them. Thanks again.:Beers

Preferred the Cragars over the truck style center cap Welds since the 60's. But I wish I remember the Super Tricks before getting my CenterLines.

INJUNTOM 03-27-07 06:43PM

1946 -1958 Pontiac pics thread
Should work out well :D

54Starchief 03-28-07 01:41PM

Re: New member's rides thread - post 'em up.

Rarerodder 03-28-07 03:44PM

Re: New member's rides thread - post 'em up.
Welcome 54Starchief,

Whew! I had to lay down for a minute after looking at the pic of your convertible! As they say here in Tennessee "That sure is purty!" met a fellow at a local rod-run with a 1953 convertible, red and amazing looking too! I'm a big fan of the ragtops!

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