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hotrodv840 09-28-11 01:23PM

Loose side view mirror, 2nd gen F-body
So kind of a silly thread, but the driver's side mirror on my '80 Firebird is driving me nuts. The mirror in the housing has some rotational (like a clock) play in it. The housing itself is kinda loose and can be clocked also. It's annoying because I'm always adjusting my mirror since it changes. I have yet to take it apart, but does anyone know about how to correct this?

70TA 10-10-11 03:36PM

remove screw and check braket thats on door ;you may need to bend it to fit tight hope this helps

jenwhite 09-21-12 06:32AM

If your car mirrors are loosing you'll have to remove the door panel. The upper inside window channel trim can be removed...and then access the mirror housing fasteners.

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