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sprint250 08-31-14 06:43PM

Speedmaster /procomp Parts
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Anyone have any experience using any of their parts?

SpeedMaster is marketing a line of intake manifolds for the Pontiac V-8
at 2 different levels.
They are called:
ELIMINATOR - dual plane high rise -looks like an Edelbrock RPM knock off.

SHOOTOUT- single plane high rise- looks similar to BOP or EDE Victor.

I first saw these for sale on Ebay . The manifolds have "PROCOMP cast into them. Priced way low.
Maybe this is stock that was sold off because it has"PROCOMP" cast into it and now it is sold as "SPEEDMASTER" brand?

Procomp was/used to be Procomp Electronics that was marketing ignition systems.
They had a stand alone website that now redirects you to Speedmaster.
Looks like they got absorbed by Speedmaster.

Speedmaster has a website

They are based out of Austrailia with a North American distribution center located in Rialto California.
Most of their stuff is the usual Chevy ,Ford & Mopar fare with some other interesting products a well.
Lots of hp parts for Aussie hot rods as well.
They had an interesting 9" rear kit for IRS Australian Falcons.
Looks like someting that could be made to work under an F body if a guy wanted to build an irs car.

Saw this outfit on the net today
White Performance
They have been at it in Tenesee since "1979"
(That is speedmaster's magic # too)It looks like a lot of the stuff White sells (cylinder heads etc) has no makers name associated with it .The stuff is all TK/RTR out of the box like it might be repacked Speedmaster products?

Gach 08-31-14 10:00PM

Nice looking intakes wonder how good they are.

sprint250 08-31-14 10:27PM

Idid some digging.
Lots of negative vibes about them on the net.

Even Austarilians were complaining about the quality of the products.
That's why they had to change the name to Speedmaster.
Toomany people hating on Procomp?

Jegs is even hawking Speedmaster now.
No flow #'s available on these heads from Jegs or speedmaster.

Looks fishy.

sprint250 09-01-14 04:40AM

Who's Copyin' Who?
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Professional Products "Crosswind" = Speedmaster "Eliminator"
" " " " "Hurricane" = " " "Shootout"
All dimesions the same only the names have been changed.

Even the EFI fuel rails used by both companies ar virtually identical.

Catalog language is virtually the same even the part where they say the dual palne manifold is an "Airgap Design" and that the single plane "....will clear the factory TA shaker hood...."

PP pays homage to Dave Bishop & Ken Brewer on the Hurricane tab.

Now that "AirGap" is a bullshit snake oil design term the Chevy guys have lapped up because they never had that luxury for so many years.
Why use it to tout a Pontiac manifold? It just confuses the Pontiac neophytes.
Just like the phrase "big block" does.
I guess the Pontiac Engineers were just light years ahead of everyone on that score they just never called it that.
Amazing what a factory valley pan will do for ya! LOL

Professional products main concentration is on EFI conversions using these and other manifolds they have branded ,which is cool but it appears they are now competing against their own products to some degree by way of Speedmaster or as early as Procomp before they hit the skids and got bought by "Speedmaster"?

Look at the manifold pics here and in the previous post.

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