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er455 07-06-15 04:01PM

Sd old faithfull cam
Anybody tell me how the old faithfull cam from sd performance sounds

BILTIT 07-06-15 06:12PM


tjs44 07-06-15 07:07PM

Make note!It will sound diff depending on CI!A 350 will sound nastier than a 462.Tom

Gach 07-06-15 07:19PM


Originally Posted by BILTIT (Post 429627)

Beautiful 70 GTO! Sounds good, I like it !

What are the spec's on that cam ?

ta man 07-07-15 05:12AM

236/245 duration at .050 112 lobe separation .570/.574 lift with a 1.5 rocker..I have a cam card somewhere...I have this cam and SD's 290 cfm KRE 85 cc heads..runs great!Greet street combo that hauls balls!

Gach 07-07-15 03:51PM

Yes that is a real nice cam, it's a troque Monster , I've run it before.

ponjohn 07-14-15 09:06PM

it also depends on compression.

Steve C 09-23-15 12:12PM

It may "sound" better with a tad bit more compression, if that's what your after.

But if your considering the effects on power output. Note minor increases in CR make very little difference to power output. It’s very much the law of diminishing returns.

If for whatever reason you’d built a engine and set CR (static) at 8.0, you’ll see a healthy increase in power by stepping up to 10.0

However, the difference between 10.0 and 10.5 will be very small. Not always accurate to state a specific compression number a engine "has to have" for a given cam. The exact number to aim for will be a judgement call based on MANY factors.

Example, I suspect if you install this cam in a 9.3 static compression engine with iron heads vs the same engine with 9.5 static compression there wouldn't be a rats ass difference in the seat of your pants on a street car.

But hey, that's just an opinion !

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