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Mr. PBody 03-14-15 01:14PM

H&M new head
Dave Wilcox has released flow numbers for the new Ram Air V-based billet heads he's finished. These are intended for the new engine for Goateus Maximus. They will be digitized and available.

Though based on the Ram Air V valve layout, this is NOT a tunnel port. It uses modern trapezoid "tall" ports, using valve train geometry similar to Tiger.

While peak flow is higher than any other advertised Pontiac head, it's the low-and mid-lift flow that really shines. These heads will be suitable for anything from a 500 HP 461 street or bracket engine to a 4K HP blown/alcohol 505.

Funny, but I distinctly recall being told by a "well known" Pontiac head porter, "You can't get over 500 without a 2.4" valve." WRONG....(:- Do you have any idea how far "behind" we'd be if we listened to all the "you can't"s? No, YOU can't. Dave can do most anything...



Gach 03-14-15 03:02PM

.800 .....510 CFM that unbelievable

.200 155
.300 231
.400 319
.500 401
.600 456
.700 488
.800 510
.900 517
.950 520
1.00 520

.200 108
.300 175
.400 242
.500 293
.600 323
.700 339
.800 345
.900 352
.950 352

Gach 03-14-15 03:30PM

polymer material , that is some strong light weight shit right there. That's awesome !

Will my Ram 1V cam work with these heads...[lmao]

Gach 03-14-15 03:41PM

Sneak peek

Mr. PBody 03-14-15 05:21PM


The intake MAY be a polymer. Undecided. Heads are billet aluminum. They were carved on the Bridgeport in my shop...

No, Ram Air IV cam won't "fit". Ram Air V cam WILL, but would be pretty wimpy...(:-


Gach 03-14-15 05:29PM

Thanks for correction, I'm Excited about these heads

JSPONT 03-14-15 06:38PM

I need to hit lotto! I'm sure they are big $$$$

Gach 03-15-15 01:44AM

I would imagine they will be comparable to the rest of aftermarket heads. After seeing what he did with draity birds heads I'd have no problem making a choice

Gach 03-15-15 02:04AM

Notice first negative comeants coming from two CV-1 boys trying to rise doubt. Bruce Willkie...TTBILL out of the clear blue sky throwing a jab in Leech thread. Must be killing them to see advancements in aftermarket head design


You sure about the "streeter" capabilities though? Billet heads drilled for coolant usually dont flow enough coolant in critical areas for street cruisin' or road race use. Most drag cars running billet are towed to lanes and back down return road unless running alcohol.

Mr. PBody 03-16-15 07:04PM

Update, intake is to be a cast/billet hybrid not unlike the intakes Dave made for DB and GM. We discussed it and the polymer isn't reliable under that much pressure. He IS working on an open plenum (tunnel-ram style) polymer TriPower for Rochesters. Could make D and E /SS a little more interesting...

Dave assures me the cooling system will be more than adequate, including the capability to "reverse cool".

Don't forget, "they" told us we couldn't rev it. 9,200 every pass... They said no more than 40% OD on the blower. 3 atmospheres... They told us it wouldn't "live". One set of rods and pistons, 40 6 second passes. FORTY.

Just keep throwing down the gauntlet... See who picks it up! The ONLY thing holding us back is $$$$$$$$$$ (same as a lot of others!) Somebody cough up and turn us loose, and we'll see Injun Engines COMPETITIVE at NHRA T/A meets!

Lou, e-mail something. I have some pics to provide but am clueless regarding posting them.



Gach 03-16-15 08:26PM

E-mail sent.

Dragncar 08-21-17 05:02AM


Originally Posted by Gach (Post 426909)
Notice first negative comeants coming from two CV-1 boys trying to rise doubt. Bruce Willkie...TTBILL out of the clear blue sky throwing a jab in Leech thread. Must be killing them to see advancements in aftermarket head design

Its a old thread but these heads now have a real cooling jacket. Pockets are CNC milled out and a aluminum plate is welded on to cover it. I did not ask where, if it was from the top or on the deck side. I would thing cooling areas are milled out on the top side and welded. Doubt they would mess with the deck.
At least 4 bad to the bone engines are coming out.

SloBird 09-16-17 12:18AM

Some more RamAir 5 heads ?
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Found a post on Facebook group Pure Pontiac Powered No Prep Outlaws, Lynn McCarty produced some heads. This link is to his website, however not listing heads separately for sale.


Mb125 09-16-17 11:50AM

Price tag?

SloBird 09-16-17 01:12PM

Mb125 are you on Facebook? I can try to link you to page where he's talking about them.

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