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real65 02-14-15 06:41PM

original paint
anybody out there got a good pic of a 65 GTO in original mission beige paint? My car came with this paint originally and I am considering putting it back as the car is a mostly original very good condition survivor. I think it was a fairly rare (ugly) color as im not finding any pics.

Gach 02-14-15 09:21PM

Did you look at the paint code, God I can't remember seeing that color.

real65 02-19-15 12:41PM

It was called Alamo beige in 64 and mission beige In 65. Code is V on the build sheet.

Mb125 02-19-15 10:08PM

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Fireball 02-20-15 02:55PM

Original means it has lacquer on it. Now you need to find someplace that will sell you lacquer in the original color.

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