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SikGoat 11-19-15 08:19PM

"The" Video thread
Big or small fast or slow pretty or ugly post your PONTIAC videos in here.

SikGoat 11-19-15 08:20PM

I'll start


SikGoat 11-19-15 08:22PM



SikGoat 11-19-15 08:25PM

Kinsler again (Fast *****)


SikGoat 11-19-15 08:26PM

Snyder vs Kinsler awesome view!


SikGoat 11-19-15 08:28PM

An older one


SikGoat 11-19-15 08:29PM

lil jack 2013


Aaron 11-19-15 08:30PM

Killer pass man!


Originally Posted by SikGoat (Post 433233)

Gach 11-19-15 09:31PM

Awesome pass Billy, the bad ass Pontiac that doesn't get talked about much, and another E-head car.


JSPONT 11-19-15 11:09PM

Who the _*** is going to post after those cars were first! My car looks like a pedal car compared to them!

SikGoat 11-19-15 11:27PM

Come on man...... I like seeing all of them, Plus we may be able to learn some things about our own cars by seeing others.

Pontiac Dude 11-20-15 11:34AM

76 T/A; 6.50 1/8th mile index racing. Street legal. 3500lbs. hyd roller, std pushrod location E-heads 340cfm done by Dave at SD Performance. 3.90 gear with 295 30" tall DR tires. pump gas, shifting at 6000 rpm. Has run 6.20's.


Pontiac Dude 11-20-15 11:38AM

Norwalk Pontiac Nationals, 2003 Pontiac match race.

Pontiac Dude against Lil Jack.
76 TA: stock suspension, BFG drag radials, single stage nitrous fogger. 3650lbs back then. progressive timer. Had to leave soft on street tires and slowly bring in the juice. [dance] Was a fun weekend at Norwalk.

black 76 T/A against 10.5W ladderbar 65 red GTO.
ET'S: 65 ran an 8.98 to black T/A's 9.03. half a fender difference at the end. Later that year at the Orland Street Car Shootout in the Drag Radial class ran a 8.90. (Qualified 19 out of 89 cars. 32 taken.)


v869tr6 11-21-15 05:06PM

I have posted these before but they are some of the better video's of my turbo Pontiac POWER, LOL

No prep 1/8 mile pass at Powercruise


A dyno pull with the Dragweek Finisher


SikGoat 11-21-15 05:24PM

Man I love the little car! It looks like it would be so much fun

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