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hill67bird 08-10-16 07:57PM

anyone have experience with Dave wilcox on porting heads
I'm trying to see if anyone here has had there heads ported by Dave wilcox. my heads are as cast he has reasonable prices for porting says he can get 400 without moving pushrods or anything. just would like to what kind of results people has had

Gach 08-10-16 09:47PM

Haven't anything done by him, but I'm impressed with what he did with Drity Birds heads. Don't know if that helps.

hill67bird 08-10-16 10:40PM

yea any info helps. He quoted me $1200 to port without moving the push rods said he could get 400cfm and $1400 to move the push rods said he could get 450 cfm if not more.

Gach 08-10-16 10:59PM

1200.00 to get 400 CFM. That's a dam good price. You could make 1000 hp with that. Moving push is allot of work so understandable.

Gach 08-10-16 11:11PM

There's 3 other really good guys out there I'd highly recommend also....in no particular order. Dan Barton, John Marcella and Gaby. They all have proven track records with High Ports. All have produced 1000-1200 + hp

hill67bird 08-10-16 11:32PM

yea I talked to marcella today great guy he was more expensive but I know what I'm getting I've seen his work. I just figured I would ask about wilcox because that was a great deal just curious on why so cheap (not that I'm complaining) but I didn't want to get into one of those you get what you pay for things

Gach 08-10-16 11:56PM

I hear you, it's like you just don't know. John's a great guy, very easy to talk to.

EC 08-12-16 01:10AM

You do get what you pay for imo.
Go with someone that has proven track results!

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