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LFSADRG 03-04-11 04:45PM

Aftermarket Hoods
What aftermarket companies offer hoods for 71-71 LeMans without the Endura front end? I know of VFN but what else is out there?

KINGPIN 04-24-11 11:06AM

not sure your particular hood, likely a fiberglass one out there. I can tell you from experience goodmark hoods are the best. excellent. my 67 firebird 400 goodmark hood was better than original. my aftermarket hood for my 69 gto from china was very mediocre despite the statements of 'excellent" quality. but...its all thats available so no options. the junk from china simply has to mimic the real thing and they call it "excellent". its junk.

bryan67gto 04-25-11 08:29AM

Well i run VFN fiberglass front end and hood.,and rear bumper Nice pieces. And going to be adding their fiberglass doors over the winter.Think they make nice products and easy guys to work with.

KINGPIN 04-25-11 06:56PM

I have been contemplating a 69 gto front bumper from vfn. My references were to the sheet metal hoods, no slight intended to fiberglass. in fact had i known the metal hood for my gto was so flimsly i woulda went with a vfn fiberglass one. I literally dented the hood when i closed it the first time in the same fashion I would close a factory hood. mistake. also the underhood bracing was not attached to the hood hardly at all. the hood flexed up and down bad first time i drove it. if you get a metal hood and it came on the boat be prepared to weld up the bracing. front valance same thing. weld to make right. goodmark hood, didnt havta do a thing.

LFSADRG 04-28-11 01:35AM

I am considering just using my stock hood to add a VFN scoop. The hood was off the car leaning up against a wall and it fell over damaging the front area. Received a quote of +$1000 to repair, paint and add the scoop from a hot rod shop. Think I will run without a hood for the meantime.

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