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twotone56 01-29-16 04:12PM

Replacemnet tach for 66 GTO with rally gauges
I was looking at the replacement tach in AMES catalog for 66 GTO. IT states that it will only fit into far right dash pod where the clock goes. My rally gauges don't have a clock and in the far right pod sits my oil press. gauge along with the temp. gauge. My tach sits in the pod just to the right of the steering column. Anybody run into this, and is there a way to have it fit where the original one sits. Ames does not have an answer. I can only assume that this part was only made to fit a goat with non rally gauge cluster.

Mr.Pontiac 02-18-17 11:38AM

are you original owner of the car??? maybe just maybe someone changed the pod?? I am redoing my 67 and yes Tach go,s where Clock sits. Far right.

sprint250 05-28-17 02:52PM

Original Parts Group
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1966 Gauge Cluster Assembly, Premium GTO Rally Gauge

Part# G241641
$400 plus dollars for the whole assembly
Look at the layout .
Is that what you currently have?
If all you need is the tach maybe OPG sells the tach separately?

Mr.Pontiac 05-28-17 03:36PM

after alot of inquiring the pod or metal inlay, are differant than standard gauges. The cut out are differant on the clock and tach area.

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