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RonW 02-21-17 12:04AM

Edelbrock 72cc D-Port Heads
Rather than invest in my iron 670's, I'm going to go with a set of Edelbrock 72cc D-Ports.

I've read a lot of people say to buy them bare and build them yourself.
I don't have the knowledge or expertise to buy the right parts.

So my question is what's wrong with out of the box bolt-on's?

67 Le Mans, 406ci, 10.49 : 1 comp., RPM intake, 800 cfm Cliff-jet, HEI,
MSD 6AL, Comp 280H (230 @ .050 / 480 lift single pattern), Hooker Super Comp headers. TH400, 3.73 posi

Thanks for any help.

JSPONT 02-21-17 09:23AM

Quality of the parts, springs, and sometimes poor valve job. Even cutting the correct valve angles could add better flow to the head. To utilize the heads I would think about a better cam for your combo.

Gach 02-21-17 11:43AM

Valve seal one of the most important ( valve job ) things. When they say buy them bare, basically saying buy them though someone like SD Performance....Gtofreek here on the board. were your assured to get a quality valve job and parts and most of all quality casting.

RonW 02-22-17 12:11AM

[quote=JSPONT;442456]To utilize the heads I would think about a better cam for your combo.[/QUOTE

The cam is in the motor now, but this would be the best time to change it.
Any suggestions?

JSPONT 02-22-17 12:30AM

I will depend on the heads you go with, and what your h.p. goals are. I would ask who ever is going to do the heads for you. What crank and rods? The reason I ask is with the smaller C.I. if you want to get the most out of it, a higher reving motor will help. If you have a stock crank and rods, that would limit the cam choice. I see your compression is perfect for pump gas. There is so much involved to pick a good combo and it depends on what parts you have too.

Mr.Pontiac 05-20-17 02:28PM

Ron W. One major thing to be carefull of, if your installing them with motor in, No.8 is a sob. you must loosen up motor mount and jack motor up to torque the head bolt down!! On third time, i know all about it!! Boss sticking up on no.8 makes you wonder why its there, nothing but a headache.

Mb125 05-20-17 11:45PM

Correct cam, carburetor and tuning would make a world of difference and save you $2000

Mr.Pontiac 05-21-17 10:08AM

As for wrong carb. ill put my carb. up against any holley right now, prove me wrong & ill not say a word. As for camshaft I do not want to go faster than 11.80,s and its almost got me there. I am currantly experimenting with differant intakes to see what happens. Running a RPM intake with 1 inch spacer right now, going to try out a Holley Street dominator next. Lastly for tuning, ive tryed it all from differant jets to wires to you name it. Only thing im going to try next is backing off on timing from ruffly 38 total degree,s to 34 to see what happens.

Mb125 05-21-17 10:55AM


Originally Posted by Mr.Pontiac (Post 443267)
As for wrong carb. ill put my carb. up against any holley right now, prove me wrong & ill not say a word.

How do you propose racing two carburetors against each other?

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