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RonW 02-21-17 01:04AM

Edelbrock 72cc D-Port Heads
Rather than invest in my iron 670's, I'm going to go with a set of Edelbrock 72cc D-Ports.

I've read a lot of people say to buy them bare and build them yourself.
I don't have the knowledge or expertise to buy the right parts.

So my question is what's wrong with out of the box bolt-on's?

67 Le Mans, 406ci, 10.49 : 1 comp., RPM intake, 800 cfm Cliff-jet, HEI,
MSD 6AL, Comp 280H (230 @ .050 / 480 lift single pattern), Hooker Super Comp headers. TH400, 3.73 posi

Thanks for any help.

JSPONT 02-21-17 10:23AM

Quality of the parts, springs, and sometimes poor valve job. Even cutting the correct valve angles could add better flow to the head. To utilize the heads I would think about a better cam for your combo.

Gach 02-21-17 12:43PM

Valve seal one of the most important ( valve job ) things. When they say buy them bare, basically saying buy them though someone like SD Performance....Gtofreek here on the board. were your assured to get a quality valve job and parts and most of all quality casting.

RonW 02-22-17 01:11AM

[quote=JSPONT;442456]To utilize the heads I would think about a better cam for your combo.[/QUOTE

The cam is in the motor now, but this would be the best time to change it.
Any suggestions?

JSPONT 02-22-17 01:30AM

I will depend on the heads you go with, and what your h.p. goals are. I would ask who ever is going to do the heads for you. What crank and rods? The reason I ask is with the smaller C.I. if you want to get the most out of it, a higher reving motor will help. If you have a stock crank and rods, that would limit the cam choice. I see your compression is perfect for pump gas. There is so much involved to pick a good combo and it depends on what parts you have too.

Mb125 05-21-17 12:45AM

Correct cam, carburetor and tuning would make a world of difference and save you $2000

Mb125 05-21-17 11:55AM


Originally Posted by Mr.Pontiac (Post 443267)
As for wrong carb. ill put my carb. up against any holley right now, prove me wrong & ill not say a word.

How do you propose racing two carburetors against each other?

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