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listeve 11-30-11 11:00AM

1957 Trouble Spots
I am looking to buy a 57 Chieftan. I am going Saturday to look at it. The pictures look good but you never know till you see it "face to face". It has low original miles but it has been sitting for probably 30 years. It does not look to have any rot but I was hoping you guys could give me a heads up on what to look for on a 57 Chieftan. Where do they usually rust and what common problems do they have.

Thanks for any help and if I buy it you will be hearing more from me. Ideally I would like a 58 Bonneville convertible but those are real tough to find. This popped up and looks like a gerat way to keep me occupied. I had a 56 Star Chief years ago and loved that car too.

listeve 01-06-12 10:30AM

Well I did not buy the one mentioned in the previous post but I bought a 57 Chieftain Coupe!! It needs some help but I own it and will be making a website showing the progress which will be slow. I want to drive it and do one thing at a time. I don't want the thing in pieces so that I can't drive it.

pontirag 09-26-14 09:17PM

those freeze plugs behind the fly wheel... especialy if you have a hydro...ugh! if one need replacing they all do, and suck out all the rust and sediment in the bottom of the jackets. dramatically reduces running temps.

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