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my428ratkiller 04-14-05 11:04AM

dash removal
I have a all out 1965 Lamans drag car that runs 10.50 .I'm looking to shed some more weight out of the car and would like to know how much weight is there in the dash and is it a bolt in item or is there some spot welds that I will have to deal with to remove it. Just got done with removing the radiator core suppot and that was worth 25 lbs, even after I installed the new support system for the front end .Now I want to do the dash and get rid of the tilt sterring column. I'm hoping for another 25 lbs with both.Car weight now is 2970 lbs , it's a backed half ladder bar car with stock front frame .

mrdan7 09-02-05 12:41PM

***Not exact but a close weight guesstimate***
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Entire Dash is less than 32 lbs, Total.
Not much but everything helps.

It's just bolts screws & brackets, also any cables for your heater controls ect, + vaccuum lines if any.(A/C equipped is different story)

Success 2-U


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