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Gach 06-12-04 05:27PM

Roller bearing cam retaining plate
[i]I have started to make roller bearing cam plates for pontiac engines to replace the stock stamped cam retaining plate. I make the plate from tool steel and modify the cam gear to accept the new setup. I am selling a new 3pc. timing set from rollmaster modified for the bearings and thicker plate, bearings and races, cam plate, 12 pt. grade 8 bolts and alignment tool to center the plate on the cam center line, all for $215. The kit requires no modifications to the cam or block. It also allows the use of the stock fuel pump encentric. If interested ... feel free to E-Mail meThanks....

Scott Sims
Sims Performance Machining
19370E. 400S.
Elizabehthtown, Indiana
Ph/fax 812-579-9815

Gach 06-12-04 05:29PM


Scott Sims
Sims Performance Machining
Where Precision and Innovation Meet!

19370E. 400S.
Elizabethtown, Indiana
Ph/Fax 812-579-9815
Email @ simsb52@qmix.net

Thanks for the interest!!!


Gach 06-12-04 05:35PM

Good News
I just got back from the Dyno. I had the opportunity to test the roller bearing cam plate. We dyno tested @ Williams Precision Engines in St. Paul Indiana. Here is the final results and I'll give the details tomorrow....

2 pulls back to back with a new stock retainer.
torque....457.58 avg.
HP...434.20 avg.

2 pulls back to back with my roller bearing cam plate....
torque....467.05 avg.
HP...443.01 avg.

There was nothing else changed but the cam retaining plate!

Oh...I have pictures of major scuffing of the new stock plate

I am happy

tjs44 07-29-04 11:16AM

I used one in the short deck V motor,real nice product.Tom

Gach 07-11-05 02:02AM

Just thought I'd bring this back to the top, everyone that's bought
have nothing but great reviews, and to me a 10 HP gain says their
really worth the money. Always like to see new products of high quality.
So lets make this a sticky one.

HARRY 07-11-05 12:41PM

so how does your innovation compare to the newest Rollmaster set,that has Exclusive Step Designed Bronze Bushing
Frees up Horsepower & Reduces Wear Normally Lost to Friction at Cam Plate?

Gach 07-11-05 12:52PM


Originally Posted by HARRY
so how does your innovation compare to the newest Rollmaster set,that has Exclusive Step Designed Bronze Bushing
Frees up Horsepower & Reduces Wear Normally Lost to Friction at Cam Plate?

Send him an Email @ simsb52@qmix.net

Pontiac Zone Staff 07-11-05 02:25PM

Thank you Gach for providing Pontiac Zone users with this great service. Sharing great Pontiac Aftermarket products this our users is what we are about.

simsb52 07-12-05 02:47PM

Harry, I have not seen the new rollmaster set up as you described.
But unless you have a bushing on both sides of the cam plate
( I have bearings on both sides) I cant see having a bronze
bushing on the outside (between the camplate and sprocket)
will do any good. At wide open throttle the cam wants to
push out the front of the engine. On any cam plate...If you
look at which side of the plate is worn...its the block
side....which means the cam is pushing out wards.
As far as dyno results on the bronze bushing....Have you
seen the results posted somewhere? I can give you a copy of
my results if you like!

Thanks for the interest...

Scott Sims
Sims Performance Machining

tjs44 07-12-05 03:26PM

Scott,I DO need the centering tool,I must not have got mine back from Ken when he did the motor.Tom

EC 07-12-05 05:04PM

i hope to get one soon

Gach 07-12-05 06:44PM

I wonder if there's one going in the the Hot Rod motor, I'll have
to asked Andy, I'm sure Harpoon would defiantly want one. I'll
be ordering one very soon. Running a roller cam myself for
a few years I've replace the cam plate a few times. Plus the
10 HP gain for $210.00 bucks, just doesn't get any better then
that. Hell you have to by a timing gear and chain set any way. [indian]

Nine Ninety 07-21-05 11:57PM

1 Attachment(s)
Recently installed the Sims billet rollerized cam plate. Found that my factory cam plate wasn't wearing evenly. It was new when installed 85 passes ago. Note the un-even wear pattern. Put it on a piece of glass to see if it was flat. It wasn't...... It is bowed out. Bolts were found tight.

First thing I noticed was how steady the timing marks were after installation. Rev'd up to 3500 and it was rock steady. The timing mark "floated" around a little with the stock plate. More consistent/steady timing is probably one factor in the HP/Torque improvements.


Gach 07-22-05 12:29AM

WOW! that baby was hitting pretty good. has to rob horse power for sure,
I know one is in my plans for sure.

simsb52 08-09-05 12:41PM

Copied from another post....thanks...Scott

Pitch 400
Senior Member Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 132


Just recieved my timing gear bearing kit from Scott Sims. Very nice set-up to locate cam position. 7 day turn around time too. His E-mail address is simsb@qmix.net.

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