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sprint250 04-27-06 02:50PM

User Review : Superior Automotive
Needed to change the ride height (2" drop on) the car because I went to a taller slick in the back.I needed to be done by this Sunday.

Superior Automotive ( http://www.sup-auto.com/about.htm ) ,
Makers of Automotive Accesories (air fresheners,steering wheel adapters and license plate frames),
manufactures a kit that does this as well as a bunch of other kits that will either lower or lift cars with either leaf or coil spring suspensions.
The kit installed easily and gave the right amount of drop the suspension required.
The problem came when torquing the U bolts down to the specified torque value using the proper sequence in the kit instructions.
The U bolts stretched and stripped out well below the specified value called for by Superior.
To be sure we checked the fasteners against a known calibrated torque wrench.The U bolts were defintely weak sisters
The whole kit is made in China.
The blocks, which I am now having second thoughts about , are not solid blocks either I'm worried about them splitting or collapsing after repeated starting line abuse.
Superior claims to have been in business for 40 years . They are not checking their quality close enough anymore and allowing substandard hardware that is used in critical suspension applications to be stocked on the shelves of outfits like Autozone,Pep Boys , Keystone etc.
Kind of scary.
I fell for the sweet deal because I was in a hurry to get 'er done.
I am on the phone to them to try and obtain a refund or make good on their $30 kit Not so much for the money as to let them know their factory in China is boxing and shipping junk. Maybe they don't give a ----.


We had to go to National Spring in Santee California :ax
(local for me) to get a proper set of U bolts bent to replace the crappy ones that came with the Superior kit.
They had them made in less time than it took me to drive over there.
$45 for the U bolts, long nuts ,thick flat washers and lock washers.
And the stuff came up to torque spec ,75 ft lbs with no problems.
They even had in stock a selection of wedge plates for adjusting pinion angle.No special order B.S. like most places.

Later I will custom make my own lowering blocks out of 3/4 " & 1/2 " aluminum plate that I have lying around here and put a 2 degree angle cut on the bottom side of them.
Some times you just have to take the long way home to get the good stuff.

INJUNTOM 08-17-07 02:16AM

We have a decent local spring shop too, and it is nice to get custom u bolts. :D

79T/Aman 08-20-07 05:15PM

I tell ya it's frustrating to see the crap used as hardware in suspension kits these days I see these shackle kits made of stamped 1/8 or less crap steel with grade 2 or less that strip out when you tighten them and they sell that junk for the same price as our US made kits that would support a Sherman tank.

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