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598TransAm 01-02-06 11:42PM

78 Trans Am 6 inch Cowl hood
Does anybody know of a company that makes a 6 inch cowl hood for a 78 Trans Am????

Johnny406 01-03-06 07:25AM

There are a couple of manufacturers on ebay that sell fiberglass cowl hoods for Firebirds. I know atleast one of them has a 4in, not sure about a 6in.

Goatman 01-03-06 10:09AM

Wow! 6" cowl? You may have to have one custom made. Try Harwood, or A&A fiberglass.

598TransAm 01-03-06 02:02PM

Thanks....That looks like what I will have to do. I really do not want to use a hood scope. A 4 inch hood would make it to close to my carb.

Goatman 01-03-06 03:23PM

I see you're in Spring, TX. Harwood industries is out of Tyler, TX., so shipping wouldn't be all that bad.

598TransAm 01-03-06 03:34PM

That's good info...I did not even think of that....

Johnny406 01-03-06 03:35PM

Check out item# 8025177464 on ebay. It's a 4in cowl.


598TransAm 01-03-06 10:30PM

If I could get away with a 4 inch I would but carb sticks 3.5 inches above a stock hood. My motor was dyno'd with a 1 inch spacer and I added a 1/2 inch plate for NOS. If I remove the 1 inch spacer I'm not sure of the horsepower loss. The motor pulled 851hp and 792 ft torque on pump gas.

blue69bird 01-03-06 11:13PM

Damn nice #'s. What do you have for a motor if I may ask?

598TransAm 01-04-06 12:20AM

The motor is a Scott Shafiroff racing motor. It is from his Ultra Street engines but this one is has the "Big Dawg SS series" option. I did just about every upgrade on the motor minus the diff crank,Alum block,powder coating,low deck version, or the fuel system. They asked if he could try something different with the piston to get over 835HP. If the new pistons were not more than 835HP they would put regular ones in. Well I got an extra 16 HP out of the deal. I was going to go with a Jim Butler motor but felt that I had more options with a Big Block Chevy. The Butler motor were around 660HP on pump gas and this Shafiroff is almost 200HP more.

If you look at my Gallery Hall pictures you will see a better shot of it.

Here is the link to the motor...http://www.shafiroff.com/598_755_engine.asp

Colin 01-04-06 03:57AM

VFN may make a hood for you................quality stuff too.

BDHABT 01-04-06 08:15PM

VFN made that hood for me.They just molded a 6" cowl onto a Firebird flat hood.Came out beautiful.I have plenty of room.Using a Victor,8896 Dominator,1" clover leaf spacer,and 2" air cleaner.
If someone could tell me how,I`d post some pictures.

598TransAm 01-04-06 10:53PM

BDHABT you can to your User CP (Control Panel) and under your gallery you can upload some pics or you can read below. This is from the New Members area

1. Click on Reply in the thread you want to upload the pics to.
2. Type your message
3. Scroll down to the "Additional Options" section.
4. Click on the "Manage Attachments" button.
5. A pop up box will open allowing you to upload up to 5 pics to each post.
6. Click the "Browse" Button
7. Find your pic you want uploaded on your hard drive and select it.
8. Once all the pics you want uploaded are selected, click the "Upload button.
9. When the pic is uploaded, you will see the file name of the pic in the pop up box.
10. Click the "Close this Window" button and Submit your post by clicking the Submit button in the "Additional Options" section.

You're done.

Pics that are too large will not upload. You will need to resize them. 500 - 600 pixels is a good rule of thumb. You can use this section to test pic uploading if you like.

A. X. 01-05-06 12:42AM

You can now upload 10 pics to each post. I need to fix that. :ax

BDHABT 01-05-06 06:52PM

598,that`ll be my project for this weekend.Thanks,Mark.

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