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JSPONT 06-13-18 10:21PM

Transmission cooler info
So I put a th 400 in my car. I have a tight 9.5 inch converter. I had mounted a 10x8 derale cooler with a fan under my car. Driver side under my seat about 1.5-2 inches off the floor. I was told it would work. For short trips my tranny never got over 180. The other night I went to a car show about 25 miles away. 1/2 way thru the trip, my temps were climbing. They peaked about 220!!
On they way home, after a few hard blasts 250-260.

I did some searching and asking. For a street car my under the floor is not the best. I just bought a tru cool 13x11 aluminum stacked cooler. They make them for b+m and they are called supercoolers for b+m. 29000 btu's.
I am trying to find a good location, I will keep you posted on how it works. There was a thread on YB about it. A guy with the same problem as me bought that cooler put it up front and his temps sit at 170.

As I understand it, the heat sink cooler suck, the best ones are stacked aluminum. A lot of guys have a fan on them too.

Gach 06-13-18 11:09PM

Best place is in front of the radiator if you can fine the room to put it there, if you can you’ll never have a problem

JSPONT 06-13-18 11:24PM

I have a big intercooler, might have to drop the valance panel and sneek it in there.

462TA 06-25-18 03:55PM

Not turbod here, but I run a stacked B&M cooler. I can literally drive my car for an hour straight in 95 degree Alabama heat, and the transmission only gets up to 160 degrees at most with that cooler.

JSPONT 06-25-18 06:28PM

Good to know, I will be testing this week!

JSPONT 06-25-18 11:05PM

Stacked aluminum cooler TTFMFR!

I put the tranny cooler in front of the intercooler on the r/side. I went for a 1/2 hr ride. At 1st I thought the gauge was broken. It was at 140 for 1/2 the trip driving nice. Then I was trying to get it hot to check. pulls in second, 1 full pass to 140 mph. Never got over 180.
It was a very cool night 65 degrees. If something changes in the heat I'll let you know.

Gach 06-26-18 01:13AM

Great ! Should work good there

JSPONT 06-26-18 09:49PM

100 mile ride tonight, never got over 165. I'm relieved.

Gach 06-26-18 11:29PM

Nice! Glad to hear it

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