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A. X. 01-05-05 09:40PM

Auto Glass Polishing
Anyone familiar with this? I know that Eastwood sells as kit for glass polishing, but does it actually work? Does it take out scratches? My drivers side door glass has some light to medium depth scratches in it from what appears to be from when the old window channel weatherstrip was gone. I'm just wondering if this kit will get them out, or if there's some other way.

Here's the kit for the deep scratches. http://www.eastwoodco.com/shopping/p...lass+polishing

ta455 01-05-05 09:47PM

you wont be happy till you spend money so just get the new glass and while your at it get me both side glass and the rear glass with the defroster grid for me :)

A. X. 01-05-05 09:50PM

I already have to buy a windshield. I am hoping to spare the extra expense of door glasses.

ta455 01-05-05 09:54PM

windshield cost me 115 dollars 6 years ago

Play400 01-06-05 11:58AM

Glass seems to be real cheap lately. Paid $100ca for a tinted 1968 Firebird windshield thru my pal's shop.

Goatman 01-06-05 12:19PM

As funny as it seems, side and back glass can be more expensive than front glass. Tempered vs. safety glass, I guess. I don't know about the polishing kit. Would probably work ok.

A. X. 01-06-05 01:05PM

I don't see the point of buying new when you can fix something for a lot less, and make it as good as new. I guess I'll try it, and let everyone know what I think of it.

Lugnuts 01-06-05 01:11PM


Originally Posted by A. X.
I don't see the point of buying new when you can fix something for a lot less, and make it as good as new. I guess I'll try it, and let everyone know what I think of it.

yes please do, as I have some scratches on my drivers side door glass.

A. X. 01-06-05 01:29PM

Sure, I'll be the guinea pig. lol! [lmao]

ta455 01-06-05 06:46PM

good its settled then :) A X is the guinea pig

Lugnuts 01-06-05 06:49PM


Originally Posted by A. X.
Sure, I'll be the guinea pig. lol! [lmao]

and make sure you post up the proceedure in the tips section.

A. X. 01-06-05 08:43PM

That kind of makes me wonder if we should have a user review section. Where the consumer of parts, tools, and stuff like that give their reviews of products available to us all. Hmmmm.

Lugnuts 01-07-05 11:29AM

I see good and bad with that.

the good is we get to hear about all the products.

the bad is it is one more section in an already large group of sections. I think we have way to many sections and sometimes can get confusing looking at them all when you are looking for one section.

the largest group of sections is the tech. I was thinking what if we add subsections, so instead of having four Firebird sections for the different gens on the main page just have a firebird section and than within it have subsections for all the generations.

this is just a thought and I don't know if it is posible or if it will eat up to much bandwith doing it but it was something I was thinking about.

A. X. 01-07-05 12:27PM

It's possible, and can be done easily. Not sure it's something people will be able to understand. It'll have to be worded right so that at a glance people will see that ALLL Firebirds or whatever are in this one section, then divided into sub sections. Hmmmm.

Lugnuts 01-07-05 12:38PM

that was the draw back I was thinking of too.

maybe you could put a poll up and see what others think.

I notice (for me at least) the sites with alot of sections are sometimes confusing and hard to navigate through when I am just looking for a section or two.

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