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rexs73gto 11-03-16 02:14AM

Help I don't know how to post a pic.
Hi, I'm trying to post a pic in the gallery & when I try it keeps saying file to big to upload. I've been in there trying to post it but I don't know how to resize the pics. I see where someone said to right click ,,,, but I'm on a laptop & don't have a mouse to right click , my laptop has a pad for directions so how do I resize my pics. I don't see anywhere it can direct me to do that in all the things I've done to try. I don't know a lot about computers but can get by if I have some help. Please help I would like to post a pic. Thanks Rex.

Fireball 01-10-17 03:59PM

Look on your camera and see if it has a internet size feature for your pictures. If it does use that and the pictures will load right on here. Otherwise you might have to go to a site that can resize the pictures.

Gach 01-11-17 01:31AM

Go to Photobucket it's free..google it. It's easy to use.

sprint250 07-26-17 10:28PM

The Pontiac Zone site limits photo uploads to 800x600

If you have(should have a photo viewing/editing program /software on your computer like Adobe Photoshop Elements or something similar to that.
Your digital camera may have come with a software photo program (if you installed it) that may do the same thing.

open the program, click on open file and select the image you want to open from a folder on your computer.
Once the image is opened by the photo program there should be a tool bar on the program at the top of the window.
The image resizing feature will be in a drop down menu in either the tool bar "edit " tab or the "image" tab in the program.
Resize the pic to 800x600 and save it in .jpg format with a new name to a folder you create somewhere in your documents/pictures.That way your original does not get altered.

Go back to the site Gallery section and proceed with your gallery upload & select the 800x 600 image you created.
Same process holds true for posting pics in threads using the "manage attachments" feature.

Or like Gach says you can link to a URL like Photobucket or some other photo storage site.
That works for posts but I do not think the gallery section allows that?
Problem with linking to a specific image URL in the manage attachments feature is it puts a gigantic image on the page which throws the whole aspect ratio off on the page and it also eats up bandwidth on the site.Gach can tell you all about that. LOL

Once you get the hang of it its EZPZ.

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